Friday, June 18, 2010

Triumphs and Tragedies

  Some weeks are full of apple blossoms and other weeks, well, the apple blossoms all fell off and things have just gone downhill from there.  Where to start?  How about the 80 kilometre an hour winds we received early in the week.  I wondered how the tomatoes would do but it hadn't occurred to me that anything else would be bothered.

2 Poplars, or Aspen if you like, and 1 White Birch all came down with the wind.  All 3 were younger trees that were well on their way to becoming big beautiful trees.  I'm not sure what happened.  Two of them were in close proximity with other trees so maybe it's just a natural thinning.  But one tree had tons of space and appeared to be quite healthy.  This is really frustrating.

In the vegetable garden things weren't looking much better.  The cats tried using the boxes as a litter and necessitated the use of branches spread around to keep them out.  Ugly but so far effective.  It has not, however, kept the crows out.  I don't know what they're doing in there.  All I can think is they're eating bugs which is probably a good thing.  But they're making a bloody mess!!

In the process of digging for bugs they're diggin up onions, they've killed most of my cilantro, and decimated an entire square of chamomile.  And who is it they're looking for?  Is it this guy?

I have no idea who this is but I'm pretty certain he's up to no good.  He's hanging out on a tomato plant looking guilty as hell.  Which reminds me, these poor tomatoes are barely hanging on.  Leaves are getting eaten, yellowing and wilting.  I had to resort to dousing them with fertilizer in the hopes of saving them.  They've greened up a bit but I'm still not sure they'll make it.  These Scotia tomatoes came from the same nursery as Tiny Tim who got the boot last week.  Suspicious.  And then there's the cantelope, again from the same nursery, and look how he's doing.

I suppose there's the possibility something is wrong with my dirt mix but quite frankly I don't think I'm going back to that nursery any time soon.

Well, I think that's enough doom and gloom for one week.  How about we end with a photo of the pretty roses that showed up yesterday.



  1. Gardening is challenging! Sorry to hear about the damage and problems.
    On another note, great that you feature the VanDusen seed store. A great garden that I love to visit whenever possible.
    Looks like some wonderful choices on their site.
    Take care,
    (sometimes google doesn't give the name/url choice... aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz ;~D

  2. This is very bizarre. I know Bay Area left a comment here as I just read it and now Blogger says there's no comments!! Alice I'm sorry about that. I did see your comment and although it was a discouraging week I'm sure all will be well soon enough. Garden's are like that aren't they? Van Dusen is a wonderful garden and the seed store is a special place for me as I worked as a seed collector there for a couple years. Much of my gardening knowledge can be directly attributed to the wonderful people who donate so much of their time to Van Dusen.