Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice Greetings

It is the longest day of the year today and the official start to summer.  The evening here has been quite cool after a long hot day and we are getting sprinkled with light showers.  Perfect weather for a few pictures.

Orange hawkweed

Our meadow

African daisies

Shrub roses

Baby apples


  1. Your meadow is beautiful. When I think of summer, there is always a meadow in my dreams. :) Cute baby apples too!

  2. The verbena is beautiful! What a wonderful place to call home!

  3. Great meadow pictures. That orange hawkweed is really pretty. Also love the post on buried treasures. I've dug up all manor of things as well.

  4. ThreeDogs - Hawkweed is pretty and spreads everywhere!! I like it in my meadow but beware if it ends up in your garden. I guess we never grow out of the excitement of buried treasure ;-)

    Laura - that picture turned out really well didn't it? they look like tiny little roses to me. Although I'm presently infatuated with the real roses. They smell divine.

    Ms.S - It's funny, I had never considered having a meadow before. The area was too big to garden the whole thing and I couldn't face having to mow the yard for 5 hours a week so we decided to let it go. Now I love it.