Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Garden This Week

I've been so busy telling you all about the destinations on PEI that I've missed out on telling you what's new in my garden!  So without further ado I bring you these newly discovered plants.

The large flower bed in the main yard is piled high with weeds and what's this?  ....  A search of the gardening encyclopedias tell me this red flower is Lychnis chalcedonica or Maltese cross.  The yellow flowers are a type of St. John's Wort.  Likely Hypericum kalmianum.

This colour combination when seen from the house is simply stunning.  The red and yellow colours are so vibrant and although the actual number of flowers is small the colour carries and is easily visible from quite a distance.

The veggie garden is filling out and we've begun picking lettuce, spinach and radishes for dinner.  I even cut some cilantro for a corn salad the other day.  The smell of the fresh cilantro was AMAZING.  A million times better than the limp stale cilantro I've been forced to purchase at the grocery store.

This beautiful blue and orange black wing moth was laying out in the grass this week.  When I looked him up I found his name is Ctenucha virginica.  Apparently their habitat consists of fields with flowers.  Hmmm, is there one of those around here somewhere?    

The Spirea 'Goldflame' is now in bloom.  Although it's no longer gold but more a chartreuse colour.

Bell flowers have appeared and are contentedly blooming alongside the Spirea.  Had I known this earlier!!  I purchased the exact same type of bell flower at a plant sale in the spring.  Oh well, they are so beautiful I don't mind having extra.

A white Malva moschata is also blooming in the same area and this is another double of a plant I purchased in the spring!  Although my purchase is a rose coloured variety.  Seems the former owner and myself shared some of the same taste in flowers.


  1. Happy Bloom Day! How excitign that you're discovering all sorts of hidden treasures, I love the red and yellow combo and the wild look of the two together.

  2. So many wonderful blooms. We are in a drought down here and everything has gone dormant or wilted.

  3. Great combination. I had forgotten how vibrant the red of the Maltese cross was. I haven't had any for years now and see I need to ask my my favorite wholesale grower to add it to their stock.

    I'm visualizing it with Coreopsis 'Zagreb' right now :)

  4. It's always fun seeing what comes up from the gardens in a new house! It's like 'surprise! I'm here & I'm fantastic!' Your raised beds are looking awesome! I bet thats a delight to see when your washing dishes!

  5. @Debbie, I had completely forgotten it was bloom day, what great timing! It is very wild looking, initially I thought the Maltese cross was a weed.

    @LifesHighway, I'll trade a little rain for your drought. We've had about 63 millimeters of rain in the last week, that's about 2.5 inches. And HUMID, ugh.

    @WiseAcre, somebody had a great idea when they planted these two together. Coreopsis are wonderful, I love the delicate threadleaf foliage on them.

    @Laura, it's like Christmas every day with surprises. Always fun to watch flowers unfurl but extra exciting when there's the discovery of a new plant as well. The view from the kitchen is inspiring. We've had salads almost every day this week.

  6. What fun to go out every day into a garden that someone else created and discover what you've got! -Jean