Monday, July 12, 2010

A True Gardener

If you look at the header over at The Dandelion Wrangler you will see a quote by Lewis Gannit.  He speaks about the disease we call gardening and the irresistible urge to pull weeds.  I smile whenever I see this quote (thanks Laura!) and it came to mind this past week when my mother arrived at our home.  My parents and sister all live in British Columbia and have never been to the Maritimes before.  This was their first visit to my home.  My mother had barely made it out of the van and up the front step when she demanded to know where my shovels were kept.  And so it began.  Every morning I would come downstairs to find mom curled up in a chair scouring my gardening books and almost every afternoon she insisted on the keys to the garage so she could access my garden tools.

First she started clearing out the overgrown grass by the peonies.

When she finished that she moved on to the bed next to the house

And when she was through with that she took a look at my overgrown flower bed

She took a pass on that one though.

Instead she moved on to the planters in the front of the house.

and found a place for my new birdbath

And where was I you ask, while my 75 year old mother toiled away in the garden this past week?

Well, me and dad went fishing


  1. Good girl, Marguerite... would have been my choice.

  2. I honestly can't say fishing would be my first choice but me and Dad sure did have a good time. mind you, I think my mother got exactly what she wanted to so it worked out for everybody!

  3. Your peonies are so lovely! I used to live in Kansas City for a bit and I miss my peonies! But I love fishing too. It's thrilling for us to see people in jackets in July! It's all we can do here not to go around naked, it's so hot! Happy gardening,

  4. That sounds like a fabulous visit! I laughed when you said she immediately asked for a shovel. A woman after my heart! How wonderful to have a collaborator in the garden like that! Great snap of you & your father too! How sweet!

    Thanks for the mention. It's my favorite garden quote too! My sister recently had me over to check out her new house. She took me to the windows with stunning views of the mountains. I ohhed and awed, it was then she realized I hadn't looked up from the garden ;)

  5. It sounds as though your mother had a great time! -Jean

  6. @Elizabeth and Sandra, Thanks for the compliments on the peonies but I feel I can't boast about them as they were already here when we bought the house. I've simply watched as they've expanded and I'm as in awe as everybody else.

    The jackets were a one day thing, the temperatures immediately shot up after that and the humidex has been in the 30's ever since.

    Sandra, I'm sure she'd be happy to spend some time in your garden but I warn you she only likes the easy to dig beds and she takes numerous breaks to watch her soap operas!

    @Laura, that quote fit my mother to a tee. She simply couldn't wait to get her hands on those weeds and start pulling. It was making her crazy.