Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Problem with Landscaping

I have a problem with landscaping in that it demands that I make decisions.  And for every decision I make there are ten more things that arise to be decided on.

For instance, if I decide to place the vegetable garden next to the garage, as I have done, should I also place a bed around the garage and incorporate it into the vegetable garden?  My first response is yes, I definitely should.  It would provide a background for the vegetable beds and help to complete the space and make it distinct.  Landscaping decision accomplished, right?  Ummm, maybe?

A bed running the length of the garage where the red wheelbarrow is sitting would be a nice backdrop for the vegetables.
When I think about the garage I also think about how badly misplaced it is.
So far apart I had to cross the road to get far enough away to capture both the house and the garage in one photo
The garage is full size and was meant to hold a vehicle plus room for tools.  However, it is located, quite literally, a field away from the house and there is no driveway leading to it.  This makes it completely inaccessible in winter and completely useless as a garage.  I'm using it as a potting shed right now but honestly the space is somewhat wasted on me. 
More of a storage space than potting shed
So how about moving it? 

We could hire movers to pick the building up as there's no foundation underneath it and place it near the house.  But this would cost quite a bit of money and begs another question, is having the garage close to the house worth several thousand dollars to me?  I'm not sure. 

How about putting the question another way, would moving the garage increase the value of the property?  While I think it would make the property more appealing I don't think the value would actually increase.  (Please note, we are not selling our house. I'm simply asking this question to help figure out the pros and cons of the issue.  Sometimes it's good to consider how a third party would see things)

Another question, if the garage is moved what then do I use as a potting shed?
How about that empty shed sitting in front of the house?
So maybe we should switch the garage for the shed.  That would make sense.  But the garage is quite large and would block the view of our pretty house so is this really the best location?  And so it goes.  For every decision I make there are more questions which then leads me to decide that I had better not make any decisions!


  1. What were they thinking? If the cost is not too prohibitive, I think I would move it. You may gets lots more use from it if it were in a functional spot (with a driveway!) :-)

  2. I can only imagine how much more use you would get if the garage (potting shed) was closer. I think you are right about not making anymore decisions ;-)

  3. I guess it depends on if you want to use it to park the cars or not. I would see the price as a stumbling block if I wasn't planning to use it much as a garage. I would leave it out by the veggies and plant a bunch of perennials around it. Turn the garage into a studio or a living space, heck even a guest house.

  4. It was a very strange decision on the builders part to have the garage so far away, I can not understand the reason behind it. As for moving it, I would hate to spend the money as well. I guess it depends if you park in the garage, I find most people don't. If you just need it for storage, then the shed is right by the house.

  5. I don't think the distance would look so odd if there was something linking them a little closer. Like a big tree or something. I don't know...

  6. The story behind the garage is that the last owners teenage son wanted a place to work on old cars. So he built the garage large enough to house a car and his tools. My theory is mom wanted it far enough away from the house that she didn't have to listen to him and his racket. or perhaps he wanted to be away from mom and dad! could also have had to do with that being a very flat spot that required no work to level it. We do know it is on blocks and therefore would be easy to move. I like it for a storage space but also think it would be nice to park our truck indoors in the winter as it would save me having to scrape her down every morning. It would also be easier to run electricity to it were it nearer to the house.

    Laura - Jody considered using it as a workspace for his furniture but when the snow's 4 feet high in winter it's a slog getting out there. Also, no electricity. They had a scary system of extension cords running from the house out there that we removed immediately. Major fire hazard.

    Kyna - I actually have some ideas about terracing the slope and building a walkway from the house down to the veggie garden which would go a long way to making things look better. But this could be done whether the garage is there or not.

    I think we're leaning towards moving the garage but it may not happen for a long time as there are other house matters to attend to. will keep you posted.

  7. Move it. We have a garage with a door into the house. And that is just against winter rain, never mind 4 ft of snow. Then get 'someone' to add twiddly poms to windows and gable ends, so the garage looks as if it Belongs to That Lovely House.

  8. Elephant's Eye - 'Someone' hey? ;-)) well Jody will certainly be getting some practice when he has to fix the shingles on the house!

  9. How old is the garage? Could be it was built at a time when it wasn't wise to have your car too close to the house. I lived in a house built in the 1930s and the garage was detached and 1/2 a block away. If you get in your car to drive to work everyday it makes sense to have the garage close by. But if you work from home and don't drive every day, maybe not? You have a beautiful house and property!

  10. Ginny, Thanks for the compliment! The house itself is over 100 years old but the garage was built in the last 25 years. My husband works from home but I work in town 5 days a week. Having the truck in the driveway isn't a big deal but can be a pain in winter when it gets covered with snow each night.