Friday, July 2, 2010

Triumphs and Tragedies

It's been a very busy week as we're expecting company so not much has been done in the way of gardening lately.  I did manage to do my walk around though and take stock of what's happening in the great outdoors.

I'm sorry to report that the large sticks in the vegetable patch have not kept the cats out.  We have identified the culprit though.  Priscilla is about 6 pounds soaking wet and is able to wind her way through the sticks when she wants to.  We're discussing fencing for cats right now although no definite plans have been made.

More flowers are appearing daily.  It's always exciting to find new unexpected things in the yard.  The flowers on this shrub look like an azalea to me but I'm not quite certain.  Any guesses?

Peonies are my new favourite flower.

Weed or flower?  I suspect weed but they're kinda pretty.
Beautiful shrub absolutely covered in tiny white blossoms.  This is definitely a keeper.


  1. Your shrub in the last photo looks like it might be a mountain laurel (Kalmia). I love their flowers. I'm amazed that your peonies are just in bud; mine finished blooming a couple of weeks ago. (I wouldn't have expected PEI to be that far behind my part of Maine.) -Jean

  2. Jean, the peony buds started to open last Friday and then on Monday they really began to flower. They are now almost finished. You're right in that your weather wouldn't be much different from ours. However these peonies are located in part shade which might be why they're taking longer to flower. In fact there are peonies on the far side of the house which are only just opening now.

  3. I love finding those new/old treasures the first year in a new place. I've become a big fan of Peonies myself lately. All the ka-pow you could want from a flower!

  4. Why IS Priscilla soaking wet?? Don't tell him I told you, but, Chocolat came in half sodden one evening. I think the frog got away ;-)

  5. @Laura - talk about kapow! They're HUGE. If they were edible you could feed a small family with just one blossom. Of course the bees know that and they're in their glory, busy tumbling around in them.

    @Elephant's Eye - oh poor Priscilla, the life of a feral cat. She's out there in all weather, wind, rain, sleet and snow. She's either sopping wet or biting the ice out from between her toes. A frog catching cat you say! now I've seen it all.

  6. Hi Marguerite, welcome to the Best Coast! I can help with your mystery plants.
    First one is a weigela shrub (you may have noticed plenty of hummingbirds around it).

    The red/orange flower following the peony is a lychnis; if the flowerheads are composed of a lot of small red flowers it's Maltese cross, but otherwise it's one of the other campion species. Not a weed.

    The whiteflowered shrub is a spirea, looks like one of the socalled Bridalwreath types, or perhaps Snowmound. Kind of boring when not in bloom, but there are dozens of other great spireas.

    Hope this is some help, and happy gardening!

  7. Doing a little blog hopping today & looking for other bloggers that love to garden. I host a Garden Party on Thursday's and would love for you to come and link a post & share the party w/other gardening friends! Hope to see you! xoox